Blue Jewel Handcrafted


Chamomile Soap is made with an infusion of chamomile tea that calms skin redness (rosacea) and soothes irritated skin (eczema, dermatitis). Chamomile contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial property, making it helpful for inflamed skin, including acne. This soap has an abundant lather and is gentle enough to use on the face. It has a soft citrusy scent with an anise base note.

Wt. 4.5 oz.
(Because this soap is handmade and handcut, no two soaps will look alike and will vary slightly in weight)

Saponified plant oils: Olive, Organic Coconut, Mango Butter, Sunflower, Avocado and Castor, Chamomile Tea, Aqua Faba, Essential Oil Blend of Orange, Litsea Cubeba, Lavender and Anise Seed, Indigo Powder

*To prolong the life of your soap, keep it away from direct or standing water and allow to dry between uses.