Blue Jewel Handcrafted

Bastille Soap


What is Bastille Soap? Some say it is a bastardized version of Castile soap (which is 100% olive oil and takes a year to cure). Bastille Soap is made with at least 75% olive oil with additional oils added to it, and it takes less time to cure. I cured this batch for three months. The high level of olive oil creates a super conditioning bar of soap that is safe to use on every part of the body, including your face, and super gentle even for a baby's bum. My version also contains Purslane, an edible weed that grows in most gardens that contains a multitude of beneficial properties for the skin, including anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm skin inflammation, diaper rash, and sunburn. This soap comes unscented and has a luxurious, ultra creamy lather that you will love!

Wt. 3.70 oz
(Because this soap is handmade and hand cut, no two soaps will look alike and weight will vary slightly.)

Saponified oils of Olive, Org. Coconut and Castor, Purslane

*To extend the life of your soap, keep away from direct or standing water and allow to dry between uses.