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Vanesse Neck Wrap/Shawl

Vanesse Neck Wrap/Shawl

Handknitted using a lightweight wool blend yarn, the Vanesse wrap/shawl is perfect year round for keeping warm. It's knitted in a half circle shape with a solid knitted section at the top before transitioning to an airy lace pattern. This shawl will wrap around the shoulders of someone with a smaller frame, but it's best used as a neck wrap.

Two colors to choose from:
• Beach Waves: peaceful shades of sunflower yellow, teal greens, and light navy blue
• Winter's Kiss: Jewel tones in varying shades of plum, cerulean blue and navy blue, forest green, and black

Approximate size is 55" wide by 20" long. The wrap has a bit of stretch to it.

CONTENT: 75% Wool/25% Nylon

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash in cool water and lay flat to dry