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Molded Handmade Soaps

$7.00 - $8.00
Molded Handmade Soaps

These cute soaps are perfect for a guest bath or as a little gift to yourself. They fit perfectly in your hand and can be used for hand, body, or face (avoid eye area).

SUNFLOWER: The size is a little larger than 2.5" in diameter and weighs an average of 3.3 oz. Scented with lemon essential oil and colored with annatto powder, with orange specks throughout the soap.

GREEN LEAF: The size is 3" long x 2" wide and weighs 3 oz. Scented with peppermint essential oil and colored with spinach powder with green specks throughout the soap.

CREAM LEAF: 3" x 2" and 3oz. Scented with lavender and litsea cubeba essential oil (smells fruity) and dotted with crushed peppermint tea leaves. (The color of the soap in the photo is not accurate. The color tends toward a dark cream color, more like the top left soap in the photo.)

Saponified oils of Olive, Organic Coconut, Mango Butter, Avocado, and Castor.

*To extend the life of your soap, keep it away from direct or standing water and allow to dry between uses.